Thursday, 12 July, 2007

Goooooooooogle It!

This is 'The Google Story', written by David Vise and Mark Malseed.It is a book which describes the journey of two teenagers from the PhD at Stanford University to the glorious heights of success.The Google Guys as the starters Larry Page and Sergey Brin are popularly called are two people who have converted their passion into a profession and a very successful one at that!

For the first time ,this book reveals the most intricate trade secrets of Google.It talks about the initial dificult times the founders had to face and the problem that every upcoming project faces, i.e. raising funds.These are perhaps the only people in the corporate world to have never never compromised on their principles, even in the thickest of times.

Their dream stemmed from necessities and the lack of availability of good searching options.As students they faced a lot of problems because of lack of good search engines that would provide relevant search results over the internet.So young and talented, these guys decided to make a search engine keeping in mind the consumer,instead of being business-oriented.And indeed the end result is what we all see today.

Google is not just any search engine,it is more than just synonimous with any query, any project, any kind of curiosity which is answered almost instantly with the most relevant search results.At the time when I started using the net to gain information,google was the one and only site that I used and I hadn't even imagined that the search engine was such a recent phenomenon.So naive I had been to assume that it had always been there,and I had never bothered to find out the story that lay behind the scenes.Of course,I'd always been curious about how the company made money because all search results seemed to be free.But now I know that the Google Guys,smart as they are,have used the ingenious method used for decades by the television i.e. through advertisements.But there's again a catch, in the sense that these people have never waivered from their initial purpose of serving.Therefore,ads displayed on Google are only the ones which are the most relevant to the topic currently being searched which gives not just Google it's money but also helps people who are serious enough to buy, the best places to buy the stuff from.

The Google guys have not had it easy but then they aren't the kind of people who would fall too easily.This book is an absolute must-read for those who are interested in going in for business as also for those like me,i.e. people who get inspired by success stories or even those people who are just curious enough to know what lies behind Goooooooooogle,which of course has become a very intricate part of every net savvy person!

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