Saturday, 7 July, 2007

Another prince(ly) act!!

A young kid-fell into a deep pit/borewell,condition and situation-critical,incessant rains, army employed, worked for hours to save the child.

Sounds familiar,eh?

Well, this is something similar to what happened a few months back.I am talking about of course, the much-too-hyped story of the young kid 'Prince' of a village in Haryana,who if was not a prince earlier, then became one after falling into a deep pit, and being rescued by the army.But this time it was a similar story with a few changes, like the name and the location.This kid was 6 year old 'Suraj' and was a resident of a small village near Jaipur.

But there's another marked difference in the outcome of things as well.Where Prince survived, became a real prince and the photo gleamed from the front page of the next day editions of the newspapers, complete with the coverage for the whole day from different news channels,and the story about the bravery and the consistency of the army was the talk of the town,Suraj perished.And what about the coverage?One would have to peer and poke at every corner of the newspaper before being able to locate the very unnoticable and quite illegible column to get to know about the fate of the boy.

So what exactly is it that I want to point out?

There are two things,actually.One is the fact that after "The Prince Incident",the news channels have made it a point to cover every such incident with this news preceeding the one about the attack on the Lal Masjid and the alleged but unconfirmed air attack on Musharraf and the one about Indian docs and engineers being involved in the failed terrorist activities in London.Indeed, one would think that those matters would hold more importance than these ones,being of international level with close relation to national importance!

Secondly,the way the two incidents were portrayed in the newspapers.I don't have to even start saying anything about it!!!!

Will our media ever GROW UP?

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