Monday, 9 July, 2007

And so The King remains THE KING!

Wow!that was some 4 hours of adrenalin pumping action going on at the centre court.I'm talking,of course about the much awaited Wimbledon final match between the two legends,to borrow from the commentators,between the King of Clay and the King of Grass.

And well, that was some match.A five setter and a nailbiting finish with Federer fianlly getting the luck in his favour against Nadal,as he so modestly acknowledged himself!And I will say that I'm going to have to agree with him.Both the players looked so even from the beginning through the match right up to last set where with Federer breaking Nadal's serve,finally the scales tipped in his favour.After this match,I think I'm going to never never miss another match between the two,final or not!Not if I can help it!

This is the stuff legendary battles are made up of.It was a great going.As for the details of the match,I'm sure that's available on every news website.So I'm not going to put it up here.Much as I would love to!But I will go to the extent of saying what probably,newspapers are not going to recount!The cameramen sure knew Federer's girl friend very well!For after every shot, the camera zoomed right onto her face.;)

Well, anyway,if someone loves tennis and missed the match,my greatest sympathies and Go and Catch a Replay if you can!

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