Sunday, 22 July, 2007

And it's here!!!FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!

Yes,I am indeed talking about the book which has been making the world go reeling for goodness knows how long,exactly,HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.Yes, I've just gone through the book and it's been simply.....AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I settled down at around 10 in the morning and got up just,on the whole,four times till 6.30 in the evening.Those of you,who are expecting a review here,I'm sorry but I'm going to be ripped apart from limb to limb by Harry Potter fans who haven't completed the book as yet,if I reveal anything about the book,so I'm not about to even try!

But I must mention that Times of India spoilt the whole BIG surprise for me before I read the book.My brother was reading it yesterday and I was spending the day online.Their site had put across the deepest secret as a big bold headline and to I had to prevent myself severely from going into it.Huh!Talk about sensitivity and spoilers!How many people do they think can finish the book on the first day,and that too in the afternoon.I'm SHOCKED!I mean,c'mon, you can't print the whole secret of the book and that too as a bland headline without pointing that it was THE greatest spoiler.For fear of finding the same thing again in the newspapers(and of course there would be lots more in it),I just completely abandoned the newspapers this morning.

I'd request the newspapers to be a little more sensitive to such things henceforth on their websites as well as the newspapers.

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