Thursday, 21 June, 2007

Snip Snip Snip SNip SNIp SNIP

OK,if you are wondering what the hell is this,it's nothing.I'm just trying to say that I got a hair cut yesterday evening.But wait!there's more to it.But this is all girlie stuff!Guys,you have an option of quitting now!

I'm really sick and tired of layer cut now.But invariably, every hair-setter I meet looks at my face(which I confess is round) and says "Ma'am, layer cut is what is going to suit you". Hmph!!!!!!!From Touch n Glow to three different outlets of Belleza, I've tried all and I am yet to get a different reply.Earlier this year at Touch n Glow,when I said, I'd like to have some curl and bounce in my hair,I was immediately given the option of getting them curled.Since I wanted something new,I just said yes,but I immediately regretted.Although it did look nice on me, yet it was too baby doll typo,not what I wanted.The hair stylist told me they'd go down after some time and sure enough!by the time my didi's engagement party started,all the curls were down. Complete fiasco!!!!!!!!

All I'll say is, if somebody can pleeeease give a suggestion on what other kind of style can suit on me,just put your id in the comment and I'll send you a pic of mine.

I'm quite desperate,but I guess I'll have to wait a few months to try it out.I just got an already belated layer cut yesterday.The only positive being,I asked him to cut it short and it's shoulder length now.Better!I was getting quite sick of long hair!

P.S. Gender bender:Has anybody noticed that most of the hair dressers tend to be male?Ok,I know every guy who started reading it MUST have finished it. ;)

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