Saturday, 23 June, 2007

Shame on you POLITICIANS

I can't even start to express the amount of regret I feel to see Pratibha Patil taking over the reins of the position with the highest authority,not because I am in some way, predisposed against her as the President of my country,but because the one whom she replaces has the capability and the intellect to be there for atleast five more years.Kalam has become the victim of shameful politics and it is indeed a painful sight to see such a deserving person step down from his post.

Congress has played a very good political game,dividing NDA by choosing a Maharashtrian, thus obtaining the support of Shivsena.I suppose it was the birth plan of Mrs.Sonia Gandhi!Choosing a woman,thus obtaining support of feminist groups as well as ensuring sympathy votes and wooing the female population of the Parliament.Pathetic!They have chosen a person who they think will be indebted to them for the post and will be merely a rubber stuffed doll.If I remember clearly,Congress hadn't supported Kalam the first time and at that time also, they had introduced a woman candidate!Choosing someone with a clean track record, so that no objections could be raised to that regard.Choosing someone whom I can only suppose to have done something favourable to some minority group,given the fact that the Left groups are all ready to support her.About a clean track record,well, she's been accused of providing refuge to her brother who's an alleged murderer, but seeing that the media is not giving it enough coverage,indeed if I may venture to say is not giving it the deserved coverage,so that it is not going to reach too many ears!I am yet to hear any kind of clarification on that.I do not want a tainted personality sitting at the highest position of my country.I'd rather any day,have a scientist,a non-politician who has atleast done something for the country,even if on the face of it, it's been limited to being a source of inspiration for young kids!

Kalam has decided not to contest presidential polls,for he could not bear to see the way the politics was underplay.It is indeed a matter of great shame for the country, but it wouldn't really be the first time the country has failed to provide the deserved honour to the deserving!On one hand, we have Congress which is still living in the Gandhian era,earning votes using the name of Gandhi,Nehru,Indira,Sanjay,Rajiv and now we have Rahul!I wonder how many people are really aware of the fact that the surname of these people stemmed from nothing else but 'vote ki rajniti'!On the other,we have BJP, correct in essentials, but containing too many ingredients!RSS,Shivsena and VHP,namely.One going ga-ga over Hinduism,the other over Maharashtra and Maharashtrians!Hmph!And the rest of the people are engaged in dividing junta on the basis of caste,category,religion,region,race,sex.......Kuch nahi choda hai distinction karne ke liye!

I really wonder when this country is going to get sensible leaders.Not till we get some sensible and responsible voters,I think!And that is going to take decades seeing the present level of awareness and education among the public.It really grieves my heart to see this kind of a situation prevailing in the coutry I'm calling my own.

I'm about to turn 18 in a few months, which gives me the right to vote,but I don't want to vote for any candidate.I'm certain that each time I can't find a suitable candidate,I'm going to seek permission to be excused from voting.Very few people are aware of the existence of this kind of this provision,and I'm going to try and quote the whole article in a few days,if I can.I'm certain I've got it stored with me somewhere.

In the meanwhile,I can't help but grieve over the loss of this nation,all because of a bunch of idiot,stupid politicians!!!!

Update:-Oh my God!If I had any doubt about the candidature of Pratibha Patil as the President of my country,they've all faded now!Now, I'm damn sure I DON'T want to see her as the President of my country.Don't we deal with enough superstitions by the unlearned folk that we need a super superstitious President now?TOI reports about her "divine" inclination that preinformed her about the upcoming incidents in her life.

"I had a pleasant experience," Patil recounted to a TV channel about her recent meeting with the head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Hridaymohini, popularly known as 'Dadiji'. "Dadiji ke shareer mein baba aye...," she said, referring to Dada Lekhraj, who founded the Brahmakumari sect. Lekhraj died in 1969.

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P.S. Can she quit her pallu on her head for God's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!

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