Saturday, 2 June, 2007

Potter mania

38 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes and well some seconds..........................................

But for what?What else?

The eagerly awaited movie of the year HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. Add seven days to the figure and get the time remaining for the release of the even more eagerly awaited "Book of the Millenium" HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.I personally prefer the book because the movie simply can't encompass the whole book.Also, maybe because I'm a bookworm myself.

Yeah, although the fake version of the book is already available and I've already gone through it.(For those who haven't and want to,it's at I can't give exact instructions because it was actually my brother who downloaded it.)The novel(fake one,I mean) answers quite a few questions in quite a fascinating manner.Fake or real,it did keep me preoccupied for some time(a total of 2 days,actually).

So what sets this book apart from the other books?I think,it's simply an altogether new world,a world that can exist only in the dreams of a writer.Of course,JKR was able to make it a part of every child's and quite a few adults'(The Principal of my school is a huge HP fan) dreams and fantasies.A book set apart from most of the others.Something different!I won't attempt to review any of the books, because there are some things you just can't think bad about.

So what set me to it?Mmmmm........ just the reading habbit, guess.I still remember it took me two attempts to set me to this book.The first time I read Sorcerer's Stone,I left it as a boring task(The beginning is quite slow.This interestingly,goes for many books, actually,some of them being my very favourite ones).I went back to it after Azkaban and then there was no stopping me.

So all I do is wait, wait for the book,of course with mingled sadness(it's the last time we're going to get to read about Harry Potter).But it's tough,for HP fans and bookworms,it is............................

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