Saturday, 9 June, 2007

Holidays over!This is RESULT time

Hey!Everybody got their results long back.So what is this about???This is about what are traditionally considered to be trademarks of life(I mean it literally),things that can change your life, make it or destroy it, as it seems from the blaring headlines of the newspapers.But is it really true??????

Let's try to explore.

Let me start with the thing that I start my day with,yeah, the newspaper!Blaring headlines declared the first and second toppers of the Maharashtra HSC examinations,why just one, take any public examination(Of course, it is any thing except public).So the result is out, the toppers are there, smiling from the papers,fresh from the press,with detailed interviews of each one of them.At some point,it starts sounding like they're trying to teach a particularly difficult potion to prepare, with carefully measured ingredients, exactly how many hours did he/she(this is more likely, nowadays ;)) study in one day,sleep at one go,what they ate, what their parents did,what their teachers did,siblings,blah....blah....blah....................................

I am not saying that the students who have worked all the year round should not get their glory and fame,it is the media that overdo(s)es it, to compete with their rivals, maybe, but 's still more of exaggeration.Please understand!I have nothing against those who score well and study well(actually, I can't because I'm one of those kind of people,it's just that it starts sounding like more and more of a melodrama every time I ask myself the relevance of it all).So,it is two things that we wish to discuss here, the portrayal of results and their relevance.

For science students, their 12th standard is a whole lot of junk,a burden,that becomes overbearing.Anybody among the "public" who is even remotely related to some student from the science stream,especially one aspiring to go for engineering or medical must be aware of the present day rules by which the things go.So what is important is the entrance tests that would actually give them admission to the colleges they desire.But what about preparation for these entrances?Glance around dears, the sight of advertisement boards is going to really make you sick!!!!!!!!!!!Coaching institutions have cropped up just about everywhere.

Then come the results of the entrance examinations.Year after year,I can see number of candidates increasing.Each year,it seems to be a mind numbing figure,but each year it just rises and it probably will never never fall.What with the increasing population and the increase in the lunacy with which people look at the engg. and medical fields,even those who don't want to be there, irrevocably are,usually succumbing to the demands of the world,the parents,friends, relatives,neighbours(yes, never underestimate the level of their nosiness and the degree of craziness to which they can drive you!) What I wonder is,when will this end?and how?or will it??
Tha last one frightens me most, not because I myself am one of those thousands of people going in for engineering(the choice for me seems to be coming by the method of elimination), but because I can already visualise the scene.Everybody, a technician, handsome salary, good job, but satisfactory?I really doubt it!

Please undestand, I may be sounding naiive,too much, maybe, but I am.I really need to find my way out of all this frenzy,and so does everybody else,for that matter!!!!!!!!!

So it is with a huge sigh that I sign off from here.

P.S. If you thought the article was confused,it is, and it is the confusion of the mind trying to bring things out into the open and deal with them.

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