Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

Books Booooooks Booooooooooooooks!!!!!!!!!!! II

Here's second of the lot!

OK, this is not about a specific book, it's about a series of books by the same author, not in continuation with each other.Two of these are highly recommended by loads of people and one of them has been converted to a highly controversial movie.The author I'm talking about is Dan Brown and the two most famous books are "Angels and Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code",other good ones that I've read being "Digital Fortress" and "Deception Point".As far as I can perceive from his website he's written only four books up to date and he's working on the fifth,a sequel to "The Da Vinci Code".I can't say I'm going to be too excited about it and at the same time, if I can lay my hands on it,I'm not really gonna stop!Confusing?Let me explain. But here's a warning first, if you haven't read any of these and are planning to, there're potential spoilers ahead.

We shall basically leave out "The Da Vinci Code" from our discussion,the reason being,I've read it just once,about 2 years back and I can't find my copy now.I think one of my 'friends' had borrowed it!!!(I've really learnt these lessons the hard way.Maybe that's why I think 10 times before lending a book to somebody.)

So anyway, the attractive features of Dan Brown's books are the protagonists,invariably, a man and a woman, *groan* who more often that not,end up together.These books are like Bible to techno-savvy people.There are so many high tech instruments,technologies and stuff, that you can't possibly believe their existence.I'm still dazed whenever I read any of his books and wonder if it's really possible.His books travel all across the globe.Either he himself is a travelling bug, or if he's got his information from somewhere, it's damn accurate!It makes you want to go and be a travelling bug yourself.It makes you want to go and see it yourself and most importantly,his books always concern big parties.White House,Prez of US,the secret NSA for decrypting codes, dealing with terrorists,the NRA similar to NASA but more of national security organisation rather than educative!Big question,Existing or not?Oh well........dunno.....I still wonder about all those paintings in Da Vinci Code.I'd like to see them myself someday!

Ok, downslides now!These books get really synchronous with each other.In every book,except probably Da Vinci Code,things start as prettty big,then you have a snag and you realise it's nothing except a bundle of lies.And oh, the 'controller' is always the bigwig,best interests at heart, yet fails and does not hesitate to kill people.The least suspected is always the culprit, something common to Perry Mason books by Earl Stanley Gardner.But I love the way Dan Brown manages to keep up the curiosity.Right upto the end, you can't guess the culprit and it hits you in the face like a bucket of icy cold water,of course,not the case if you've read my spoilers first or read three books already and are smart enough to make the connections.

Whatever,I'll still have to say, this guy does his research work really well,which is more than I can say for a lot of authors!!!!!!!!!

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