Saturday, 16 June, 2007

Books Booooooks Booooooooooooooks!!!!!!!!!!!

Aw right,as promised,here is the first review.

This is about a book titled "What should I do with my Life" by Po Bronson.In case you are thinking that it is a book by a high tech professional or an educatonalist ,giving you the details about the various careers that you can take up in your life, think again!!!For this is not that kinda book,it is a book that is based on real life stories and what makes it different is not that it's a true story(for almost every book or part of it is inspired by some real life incident), but the fact that it a book which narrates the experiences of those who decided to go where their heart(call it conscience, if you like)pointed out, rather than being a part of a rat race.Although it's quite an old book,yet it seems absolutely significant in the present day scenario, atleast in India.

It is a book that describes the trauma that people went through and the fact that the book is not really about all winners helps!This is a compilation of the stories that unravelled through interviews by the author and the author's own story nicely blended in the book speaks volumes about the fact that he himself believes what he describes in the books.

There are people who abandon high-tech perky jobs simply because you have just one life to live and you can't be wasting it thinking "I'll do what I want to tomorrow,let me first do what I have to."This is pretty much along the lines of my thinking.Lots of people there felt that it would be a good idea to first earn a lot of money and then use it to chase your dreams.I myself had that notion which in most cases proves out to be woefully wrong.

The author adds a disclaimer saying that it is not a self help book,rather a narration of the experiences of a few who put the question to themselves and the answers they got.I think he's quite right!No where did the book ever signify how the question would get answered if you put it to yourself,yourself being any individual.Po says putting the question to yourself is the first step of trying to put yourself out of the box,something like, out of the ordinary,because not everyone wants to have the question answered.A lot of people are quite comfortable with the way they are and don't wish to change.*sigh*I think I've taken the first step.(Not because I read the book!It's actually the other way round.)I've started questioning myself over every task,asking myself if I really want to do it.

All in all, this book is not for everyone,for example,the likes of my brother.He just gave a fleeting look at it and when I questioned if he'd like to read it,he simply replied that it was "high level" stuff and he'd read it later.For all of you out there, all that I'll say is please decide for yourself before buying the book.It costs a fortune(Rs.438.00)Not all that costly,but worthless if you don't like the theme of the book itself.The best place to find out?


There are some sample stories(about ten of them) which you can read and decide if the book's worth for you or not.This'll prove out to be a repitition later if you buy the book,but it's worth it if you like the concept.

So long,hope you enjoy the book!!!!!!!!! ;)

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