Monday, 28 May, 2007

CEO woes

Oh,well none of us is really amused by the most recent announcement of our PM.An eminent economist, he fails to understand the actual needs of the country.I wonder whether he's trying to be a PM or an economist or a politician.Here are a few statistics,courtesy rediff

Anybody who does not have blind faith(hardly anybody has,I think and I sincerely hope the same) in the policies of Congress can well notice that it was just another step to woo the poorer section of the society by trying to rub into them that the govt.(aam aadmi ke saath) is trying to think of their benefit by ensuring that those who work do not get their money's worth.I wonder where Mr.Chidambaram is and what he has to say about this.

But I think there has to be a larger underlying beneath this.First the govt. tries to control the private educational institutes by introducing the quota system(muslims ka quota,christians ka quota,SCs ka quota,STs ka quota,OBCs ka quota,next in line:- parsees,hindus,general category.Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then it criticizes decentraisation and privatisation of the industrial sector(kya kare, khaane to nahi milta!) and now a direct shot at the salaries of the CEOs.These people work harder than the politicians(all that politicians do in the LS and RS is quite visible,courtesy the special channels for the purpose) , and get raises for increasing the profit and sales of the company, not to mention the decrement in salaries if things go the other way round.

If we were to imagine the whole country as a big company,no owner(inspite of a democracy,I can hardly call people the owner because I myself am no staunch supporter of Congress), imagine the bureaucrats as the sloggers(workers),the ministers as supporter staff under the CEO and the PM himself as the CEO with the rest of the janta being the consumers or customers, I'm sure that with the rising inflation rates and the unrest among the people not to mention the amount of corruption each and every minister's salary would get a huge decrement every fiscal year.

A large part of the population that is more aware is increasingly favoring the private sector over the public.An officer who was at a very high post in one of such public sector enterprises and was drawing approx. 10 lakh pm(salary+upar ki kamai) has recently been picked by a very prestgious private sector company and he draws a decent salary of 6 lakh pm.Although this is highly unconfirmed news and may well be a rumour but the essence is certainly true.

If the PM wishes good of people at heart, then first he has to come out of the "shell" and make a place for himself without Sonia Gandhi.He is at present, the most qualified PM any country has, and if he and Chidambaram together can't improve the state of this country,I'm sorry to say, but nobody can.

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